Fami is a young and generous fox.


Fami is genuinely kind, clever and loves to see people have fun. He is genuinely behind in gossip but tries his hardest not to do so. He is also very generous, and likes to do things for people to make them happy, but tries not to bend over backwards for them. He hates bullies, and won't stand to see people get hurt, he is not offensive, more rather defensive and agile. He detests anti-religious remarks, unwanted sexual interaction and racism, as well as profanity, and will call people out who do as such.


Fami is ten years old, his birthday is July 15. He once saved a tribe of people from crashing down completely. He often makes tools for himself, such as the N-Zapper, a laser rifle. The Light Gun, with a similar purpose. The N-Modem, which allows Fami to go inside technological objects, and the Power Gloves, two gloves that hold massive strength, which he uses in the rare cases he has to fight in. He can automatically teleport these items to him at any time if needed, using his N-Satellite.


  • Fami is the first of a set of characters made by SS3K and Legion, which are based off of consoles, Fami being the NES.

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