This series is created by CrymsonShokwave

In a distant universe, milleniums ago, was a planet filled with animals called Spirit Creatures. They all thrive and inhabit the world in peace and harmony. But a tainted spirit called DarknessShade wanted to conqure the world. The protector of the world, called the Master Spirit, dislikes the havoc DarknessShade is causing. So she went to war with the newly Shadow species. But, apparently, the leader of the Shadow fleet, Empress, decided to.fight the Master Spirit to.the death. With ther Spirit faltering, she had the unthinkable and scrifice herself in order to restore peace in the world. Using her Forbidden Move, she, aling with Empress were orb called the Heaven's Aura. This kind.of.power is strong enough to defeat DarknessShade, but only to banish him to the depths of the Shadow Region. The Heaven's Aura itself is not strong enough to handle alone, she needs a Protector.

Now, many years later, a reincarnation of the Master Spirit , Crymson, has been experiencing flashbacks and voices from.long ago. Who is calling out to her? What are these flashbacks she is experience. Join in on a journey with Crymson through the Spirit World as they find fragments of the Heaven's Aura, and learning about the past to.destroy DarknessShade.


Involved Characters


Coming Soon....

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