When the Day of Sigma arrived and the start of the Maverick Wars began, only Necrostorm was reawakened and repaired. He choose to join the Maverick Hunters when his "family" was finished. 

Using the Designs from the Robot Masters of the Past, he matched up each Element (Fire, Ice, Water, Leaf, Etc.) to each member of his family. And from there the Element Squadron  was born.

Apon the end of Maverick Hunter X, Necrostorm became a S Class Hunter who filled in X's Footsteps when he retired. But something had occured, with a secret model that had already been finished long before the others were nearly complete. This mysterious Reploid made Necrostorm's "family" turn Maverick making them take advantage of thier powers to create a new powersource for a super weapon that was to be used on all Human and Mobian Kind on the Planet.


  1. Dirt Dingo
  2. Bubble Flytrap
  3. Necrostorm Hedgehog (Use only for Apallo)
  4. Thunderrod Fox
  5. Crystal Snake
  6. Toxic Wolfang
  7. Solarflare Falcon
  8. Stardust Catclaw
  9. Avalon (use only for Apallo)


Necrostorm Hedgehog

Bubble Flytrap

Dirt Dingo

ThunderRod Fox

Crystal Snake

Toxic Wolfang

Solarflare Falcon

Stardust Catclaw


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