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Apon his defeat on the day of 12/12/12, EXE's corpse was about to become nothing but a black mark on the floor.  His body became purple dust and flew into the air. About 4 Months Later People who had powerful Fighting Abilities has fought aganst EXE, or was exposed to the strange colored Pollen during the spring time. (the Pollen is EXE's Dust) would go beserk with the same Eyes as EXE and with a destructive disposition. They would gain new abilities duining this state and also a Dark Energy version of his/her special move. It was until later during these series of events with the people who had theses effects on them the contition was dubbed  The EXE Virus.

The first to go through this was Apallo who used up all of his energy and powered out of his EXE Mode. The Second was Ecruos who died by Apallo's Hand as a means to stop him from doing any more damage. Now. After a Night of Grief and Sorro. Eienoo Ciel and Boom are attacked by a shadowy figure that looks exactly like Apallo. Now We Contiue the Virus Saga with "Answers"

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