Dynamo the Cat
Dynamo the Cat
Dynamo is a cool and cocky Maverick created by Kreon the Hedgehog





Love Interests

Layer the Cat(formerly), Nana the Echidna


Hot women, showing off, beating losers, acting all cool, chilling out, teasing Zero, etc.


Losing, failure, stupid garbage, total wimps, boredom, stress, the top authorities like Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, etc.

Dynamo the Cat is a mostly easy-going guy and a Maverick, created by Kreon the Hedgehog. He is a charismatic and pretty formidable adversary. He is Zero the Hedgehog's major rival and brother (though neither of them know this yet).


Dynamo was created as Kreon's personal henchmen, with Zero being his personal assassin. Their usefulness faded when Kreon met Nakeem the Hedgehog. Dynamo, like Zero, had some cognitive flaws that would render him unable to be controlled, that Dynamo would be too lazy to follow orders, so he was sealed away with Zero until some testing could be done that would fix these. However, Kreon knew that his enemies would take advantage of them and use them to counter his diabolical ways. As such, he created a guardian called High Max to defend Zero and Dynamo's capsules.

Dynamo remained dorment in his capsule until he was awakened by Lex the Echidna , who was trying to escape the laboratory. By the time he awoke, he was unaware of his true purpose, and was shoehorned by Lex into her escape. Later, he was caught up in middle of the Maverick Wars. Dynamo would ironically end up getting into an intimate relationship with the sultry Layer the Cat, during her sister's funeral. He also met Zero and grew an intense rivalry with him. Since then, Dynamo has caused lots of trouble and has shown alliances with Vile the Weasel and the "Eight Sons of Wily".


Dynamo is a mostly laidback guy that likes to show off and just relax. He likes to hit on the ladies and play it cool. Dynamo is quite arrogant, but isn't like most Mavericks that the Hunters have faced. He doesn't talk too cruely to them, and plays his battles out like a fair sport. Dynamo also has a bit of cowardice, but intelligence, able to flee a battle when he knows he's lost, unlike most Mavericks.

Abilities & Powers

Dynamo utilizes an extremely unorthodox form of Chaosblade. This Chaosblade is essentially a "double Chaosknife", which is effectively two Chaosknives conjoined at the pommels, a small "double Chaosblade". Like Zero, he also utilizes a Crystal System, though his options are rather limited compared to Zero's.

Effect Crystals

  • Guard - Increases parry strength

Ability Crystals

  • Swift - Increases mobility

Dynamo can also utilize a Buster, though like Zero, he doesn't use it much.





  • Dynamo is based off the villain of the same name from Mega Man X5.
  • Although Dynamo is supposed to be a cat, his profile picture does not show him with a proper tail. This problem also exists with Layer and Pallette.

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