Dream to Be The Best is a song by BlurayOriginals. It is used as the main theme, of Chaos Quest's second season.

Song Meaning

The song is used as a meaning to say to the listener aim high and never give in such as the Heroes. (...much more to be written)


It's one messed up world we're living in

heroes battle unholy sin

right versus wrong

the fight has been long

But, when we team up we'll always accomplish

So let me utter my one true wish!

I Dream To Be the Best

known to all of the rest

no one can stop my journey, my quest

as I Dream to be the best

Nature has been messed with

the prophicies no longer myths

I always see the world fought for us.

You never know who to hand your trust

The darkness never dies

striking with it's evil lies

alone always it seems

but, I met you and we became a powerful team

the odds may seem impossible'

like the ultimate obstacle

But, when we team up, we'll never lose

I'll be the victor, now you know who to chose!

I Dream To Be the Best

known to all of the rest

no one has a chance when I'am next

cause I dream to be the best!!


There will always be someone there to put you down

(put you down)

but, try your best and you will become world renown

(world renown)

You'll prove you great

with no one will debate

and show the world you are devine

and now is the time

to act not dream

nonsense, yes it seems

your greatness isn't something to hide

bring it out, show your pride

You can only survive this Chaos Quest

if you KNOW That Your Know Best

The Ultimate Test!

I know I can be best

no longer let the troubles infest

you can never stop or rest

if you Dream to be the Best!

And when it seems over

the journey's end a little closer

the evil one will be ready to fight

so you gotta....teach 'em right!

Prove to me your best

take out all the pests

destroy the previously assessed

and show that you are the best....




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