Dreadwing the Batfox
Dreadwing the Batfox
Dreadwing is a noble but deadly Maverick and twin brother of Skyquake




Bat-fox hybrid Reploid


Incredible flight capabilities, immense physical strength, expert at explosives, uses blaster cannon and missile launcher as weapons, and good Juyo/Vaapad Chaosblade combat.


Dr. Doppler (creator), Skyquake the Batfox (brother)

Love Interests



Worthy battles, a good battle, his brother, serving his masters, successful operations, making good use of his bombs, etc.


Dishonor, failing his masters, when his brother is too hurt, unsatisfactory victories, unworthy opponents, annoying creatures, traitors, etc.

Voice Actor

Tony Todd

Dreadwing the Batfox is a fiercly-loyal Maverick that serves in the Maverick Army's Decepticon Platoon Unit, as well as the Aerial Assault Unit. The twin brother of Skyquake the Batfox, Dreadwing has a sense of nobility and honor not normally seen in Mavericks, but still has a vast dark and vile side to him.


Dreadwing and Skyquake were created by Dr. Doppler as sky war warriors, using much of the same specs used for Vile, but improved substantially. The twins were quickly shown to be quite the force to be reckoned with, both as a unit and individually. The two eventually became so strong, they were enlisted into Megatron's Decepticon regime, where both showed undying loyalty and devotion to their new master.

After some time, Dreadwing and his fellow Decepticons were all enlisted into Sigma's Maverick Army. Like Megatron, Dreadwing showed great honor and undying loyalty to Sigma and helped the air force win countless victories. But when he heard of the victories of the Maverick Hunters, X and Zero, and the rogue Maverick Vile, Dreadwing became obsessed with wishing to battle them and started formulating ways to goad them into battle.


Like his twin brother, Dreadwing is one who understands the value of honor and nobility. He is completely content with a clean victory in most cases and considers the consequences of making hasty decisions and any and all possibilities as well. Sometimes, he will try to save face and even make temproary alliances with his enemies if the situation calls for it. However, Dreadwing still has an evil and calculating demeanor to him, sometimes finding it neccessary to use his bombs to give him an edge or subdue an enemy. He is also very cool-headed and is able to keep his emotions better in check than his brother, but his undying loyalty to his superiors and brother are perhaps his greatest weaknesses.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Dreadwing (Prime)

Dreadwing is the name of several different characters in the Transformers universe, but this particular Dreadwing shown in Transformers Prime is the direct basis of the Maverick Hunter X character Dreadwing.

Dreadwing is the split-spark twin of Skyquake, who first appeared in the season 2 episode "Loose Cannons", who wished to avenge the death of his brother. He is fiercly loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, and quickly became First Liutenant for his nobility and battle prowess.

However, though he is mostly able to keep a cool head, hearing of his brother's reanimation as an undead Terrorcon lead him to giving the Autobots the Forge of Solus Prime (which Megatron stole) and attacking Starscream, who was the one responsible. In the end, he was killed by his own master with his own discarded blaster.


  • Dreadwing's goals to battle with X, Zero, and Vile is similar to Magma Dragoon's original desires to fight the original X and Zero, and their Mobian counterparts.

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