Double the Cat
Double the Cat
Double is a former Maverick cadet, now a loyal Repliforce fighter.




Cat-based Reploid


Very fast, skilled at a few weapons, mostly melee-based, but is fairly well with most others

Love Interests

Sari the Hedgehog


Helping out his comrades, doing something right, seeing Sari, learning new things, etc.


Screwing up, being put down, monsterous Reploids, missing his targets, failing his superiors, etc.

Voice Actor

Ruth Shiraishi

Double the Cat is a young Maverick cadet made by Cyber Peacock in an attempt to help raise their numbers and try to see how younger Mavericks would do for their cause. Originally a cadet in the Maverick Army that infiltrated Repliforce as a spy, he ended up being captured and defecting to Repliforce, after finding a change in heart from his girlfriend, Sari the Hedgehog. He is a naive and clumsy one, but is willing to help out and is motivated to never fail anyone.


Creation and Initial Tasks

After the defeat of Sigma, the cybernetic Maverick Cyber Peacock decided to gather more and more Mavericks to work in his ranks. After a few months, he found plans and schematics for a young Repliforce trainee being made, and decided to copy the plans to create one for his own, to test how young Mavericks could do. The experiment was a success and the young Maverick Double was created.

Double spent several weeks trying to train as a cadet and one in the art of fighting and war. He began to become the punching bag of the Maverick Army, due to his small size, young age, and severe clumsy nature. To improve his skills and decrease the morale of the enemy, Double was sent in undercover as a Repliforce trainee. Despite his setbacks, Double was able to graduate its boot camp and was brought into the K-9 Elite Unit as a cadet. 

===Repliforce Defection===

From there, Double acted as a source of information for the Maverick Army, feeding them the entire Repliforce database and communications line, allowing for multiple ambushes and top-notch weaponry on the Army's side. He also managed to improve on his training and allow better aim-and-shoot skills and use of ranged weapons. Double would begin having a crush on fellow youngblood, Sari, though he was still constantly picked on by others and had extremely few friends.

Within the final stages of teh Jaokb Project, Double's intents became known when he slaughtered many Repliforce soldiers that attempted to intervene on the Orbital Elevator raid and blocked off communications to keep his actions a secret. However, upon its conclusion, he was asked by Elpizo and Lumine to hang back until three months time to complete his training. Shortly after this, he asked Sari on a date to Twinkle Park, which she accepted.

On that night, Double came clean about his involvement as a spy to Sari, but admits he had always loved her. Sari didn't care about the former, claiming that she had always cared for him just the same. The couple's happiness was short-lived, however, as Double was apprehended for his crimes as a Maverick mole. Double had erased all physical evidence of his true allegiance, but forgot to destroy the survelliance footage of his actions. Repliforce's communcations network was rebooted in response, the tracking system was deactivated from him (by Wire Sponge during his date with Sari), and he was locked up in the brig, where he was forced to be locked in cold temperatures and starve by Frost Walrus and Mattrex. Double would soon be swayed by Sari and Colonel to join Repliforce or die. He chose to join Repliforce and be with Sari, but was forced to serve his time in jail.

===Sigma Wars===

Nine months later, Double was released from prison and allowed to finally serve in Repliforce, alongside Sari.


Initially, Double was a rather clumsy, naive, and incompetent Maverick, even for a cadet. Due to this, he was constantly abused and had very low self-esteem. Despite this, his Maverick behavior was still prevelant, as shown when he killed many Repliforce soldiers, showing no remourse for his actions. He was also a horrible liar, coming up with bad fibs to throw his superiors off.

Double's time as a spy and later soldier helped give him a boost in character. He became more confident (to an extent), skilled, and more motivated than ever to do something right. His failures became further far between and showed great courage  when facing Mavericks, though he was initially terrified of a Copy-Sigma upon first meeting.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Double

Double is a major character from Mega Man X4 that acts as X's support throughout the game. His initial form is a small chubby yellow Reploid that acts clumsy yet friendly. But in the final stages, Double reveals his true form to be a jello-looking older Reploid that was merely a spy planted within the Maverick Hunters by Sigma. Double was subsequently defeated by X, after mocking him, the Maverick Hunters, Repliforce, and even the Mavericks.


  • Double was made to add a bit more of a comic relief Maverick into the Maverick Hunter X series.

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