1. Dont Steal the Spotlight
  2. If you want to add in a villian then put them in the sub-villians position
  3. If you want to add in a hero theen add them to the hero position
  5. No Flaming or Trolling
  6. Have Fun


Dr.Kintobot has created a new ultimate lifeform by the name of DIX001 Codename Dixie. After the demise of Dr. Kintobot's First Doomsday Machine, Apallo Plans to track him down to Zero Isle. This is the story of how Bluray and Apallo Meet.

(note this is a Planned RP)



Apallo The Hedgehog (Apallo)

Diana The Hedgehog (Apallo)


Dr.Kintobot (Apallo)

Dixie the Ultimate Lifeform (Apallo)

Part 1: Zero Island Touchdown

Apallo and Diana land on Zero Island's Village: Zero Village in where the chieften (Mayor) has called them in because of Kintobot's Robots and Androids assulting the place. We go to them and our other hero Bluray who is traveling the Zero Islands inorder to find it's treasure.

Bluray: <Where could it be...>

Just then Kintobot's Andorids are marching towards the Fox

Bluray: Hello weird looking people.

Andoid 1: Flesh Being capture -looms down on Bluray-

Bluray: ._. wat

???: -jumps off the Solar Flair and spin jumps the android-

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