Jessie Prescott
Jessie port
Voiced By Debby Ryan
Franchise JESSIE
Rival Austin Moon

Jessie is a playable fighter in Disney Channel Allstats Battle Royale and the main, as well as the title, character of 2012 TV Comedy Jessie.


Jessie Prescott is a fun loving twenty year old girl born in a rural Texan town, she comes to New York with determined eyes to make it large in the big city, and is soon landed with the Ross family, Luke, Emma, Ravi, Zuri, and their butler, Bertram. They live above a snobby, rich old woman named Mrs. Chesterfield. Jessie is quite the dabbler on her guitar. Lately, her grandmother has fallen very sick, and Jessie must head to Fort Hood as quickly as possible, rough housing whatever obstacles block her goal.

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