Disney Channel Allstars Battle Royale is a Party/Fighting game where all Disney characters meet up for a massive intense battle!

The game is in development 


  1. Alex Russo 
  2. Jessie
  3. Austin Moon
  4. Stan
  5. Chyna Parkes
  6. Rapunzel
  7. Kuzco
  8. Dipper and Mabel Pines
  9. Timon and Pumbaa 
  10. Kim Possible
  11. Jack Skellington
  12. Angela Anaconda 
  13. Wreck-It-Ralph
  14. Stitch
  15. Raven Lydia Baxter
  16. Woody Fink
  17. Mona the Vampire
  18. Mickey Mouse


All supers knock out anyone who's hit.

Alex Russo

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Spell Smasher Alex throws magic in any chosen direction.
Level 2 Magic Catastrophe Alex throws lost of spells in 6 points of direction in front of her, the spells knock anyone who's hit out.
Level 3 Alex's New Spell Alex gets godly powers, all of her attacks are enhanced and anyone hit with them are automatically knocked out, the transformation lasts for 20 seconds.


Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 You just got nannyfied! Jessie gets a paintball gun out and shoots straight forward. Anyone who is hit is knocked out.
Level 2 Kipling Attack! Mr. Kipling runs into the area and fights with Jessie for 15 seconds, anyone who is hit is knocked out.
Level 3 Worlds Best Nanny Anyone Jessie hits is knocked out, there is also Zuri, Emma, Ravi, Luke, Bertram and Mrs. Chesterfield are running about helping her fight.

Austin Moon

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Dez's Starfish Austin throws Dez's starfish like a boomerang
Level 2 Guess who got a new job as level 2 super?! Trish jumps in riding a motorcycle holding a shotgun, she drives around the entire arena shooting whoever gets in her path, the move lasts for 30 seconds
Level 3 You gotta take a double take. Austin sings Double Take in a cutscene move, afterwards, everyone is knocked out.


Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Super Bark Stan barks so loud that anyone within radius is knocked out
Level 2 Skateboarding Dog You control a skateboarding Stan and anyone he hits is knocked out.
Level 3 This is going on my blog.

Stan puts everyone inside his Blog, and can attack them with the cursor, or throw objects on screen at them.

Chyna Parkes

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Soccer Ball Chyna throws a soccer ball, KO'ing whoever is hit by it.
Level 2 Gibsonairy Everyone within a short range from Chyna becomes Gibson, before being KO'd three seconds later
Level 3 Unstoppable Chyna starts singing Unstoppable, causing musical notes to flurry everywhere, KO'ing everyone hit by it


Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Gold and Fabulous Rapunzel flicks her hair, KO'ing anyone attacked by the whip.
Level 2 Healing Song Rapunzel sings her youth song, dragging the other players in and KO'ing them if they get too close, stealing their Magic Power.
Level 3 Golden Princess Rapunzel! Rapunzel starts to glow, her hair can go in every direction, whoever touches her is automatically KO'd. Her attacks KO opponents. During this super, lanterns can be seen flying in the foreground and background.


Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Cockblocking Spinach Related Item Melina comes in and throws a large spinach item, KO'ing anyone it crushes.
Level 2 Pull the lever! Kuzco flinches, before a rollercoaster controlled by Yzma and Kronk falls in one corner of the map, the explosion KO's anyone within range.
Level 3 It's all about me!! Kuzco freezes time, allowing him to KO anyone in one hit, when they respawn, they can move, but will be KO'd everytime Kuzco attacks them. This lasts fifteen seconds.

Dipper and Mabel Pines 

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Kart Crash Dipper and Mabel drive around in their kart highly damaging any opponents who get in the way. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 Alpha Twin Growing to an enourmous height (using the size crystals), Mabel with Dipper on her shoulder instantly crushing any opponents who she touches. It lasts for all but 12 seconds, until she accidently reverts herself back to normal size.
Level 3 Bottomless Pit! A bottomless pit forms in the center of the screen along with wings gusting players into the endless limbo. This move instantly kills any who fall into the hole (preferably CeCe and Rocky along with all their Disney Channel jackouts.)

Timon and Pumbaa

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Bugs!! Pumbaa finds a bug on the ground and attempts to eat it, accidentally grabbing Timon by his tail and swinging him at an opponent close to them, KO'ing them.
Level 2 Run, Pumbaa, run! Timon jumps on Pumbaa's back and pulls at his ears, making him go into a mindless stampede, Pumbaa can be controlled and will knock out anyone he rams into.
Level 3 Boara Boara The Three Natives run around attempting to attack opponents, successful attacks defeat opponents, Timon and Pumbaa can fight too, their attacks also KO opponents, this effect wears off after fifteen seconds of the super being activated.

Kim Possible

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Eat on this! Kim throws a bomb, having it knock out anyone it hits.
Level 2 A Sitch in Time An older and younger Kim fight alongside her for ten seconds, all three of them causing knockouts with each hit.
Level 3 Attack of the Killer Kims Robotic clones of Kim float around the arena, defeating anyone they attack with large missiles and fireballs, this lasts twenty seconds.

Jack Skellington

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Applause! Jack slides in the direction of a nearby enemy.
Level 2 Blazing Fury Jack charges forward surrounded by three flaming pumpkin heads.
Level 3 This is Halloween! Jack begins to sing This is Halloween, as big, flaming pumpkin heads rain from the sky, anyone hit by one is defeated, the move lasts for 28 seconds.

Angela Anaconda

Super Number Super Name Description
Level 1 Imagination Confrontation Angela imagines something she can hit the nearest opponent with and it comes to life, she then whacks the opponent, knocking them out. The object used ranges from a baseball bat, golf club, deck chair, crowbar, or Nanette Manoir, in which she says "Heeyaa!" for the four former and "Nanette Manoir!?" for the latter.
Level 2 On account of King Angela whistles for her dog King, who charges horizontally, knocking anyone in King's way out. The name of the super is a reference to how she uses "On account of..." in a large number of her sentences.
Level 3 Shooby Dooby In a cutscene, Angela blows the stage away with a large electronic fan, before closing the curtains down on her opponents, after the blue set of curtains close the scene, it fades to white and her opponents are knocked out back in the battlefield.

Rival Battles

Alex Russo

VS Stan

Reason: Alex is running around, looking for the source of the destruction, when she trips over Stan, Stan is very irritated that she'd done this, and scolds her for it, knowing her luck, she assumes she'd run into some sort of monster in disguise gets a bit worried. After she tells him what's on her mind Stan is much more angry, and prepares for battle.

Connection: Both characters have quite far fetched lives, as Stan is a talking dog, and Alex is a wizard. Alex has also met a talking dog, where Stan literally is one. 

Alex: It's got to be around here somewhe-- 

Alex trips over something

Stan: Hey! Watch it girl!

Alex: Who're you?

Stan: People usually ask how I can talk first, not who I am.

Alex: You're nothing compared to what I've seen trust me.

Stan: Bragging now are we?

Alex: Are you some kind of demon creature..? Disguised as an ugly dog.

Stan: Alright, you just crossed the line! Prepare yourself missy!


  • Waverly Place Substation
  • The Clubhouse
  • Tapwater Springs
  • Disneyland Florida


Waverly Substation Theme

Waverly Place Substation theme


Alex Russo

Victory Music

Destined Family Wizard

Destined Family Wizard (Unlocked at level 4)

Not what it Seems

Not what it Seems (Unlocked at level 45)


Victory Music


Jessie'd (Unlocked at level 4)

Penthouse Rave

Penthouse Rave (Unlocked at level 45)

Austin Moon

Victory Music

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom (Unlocked at level 4)

Without Cha

Without Cha (Unlocked at level 45)


Victory Music

Fast and the Furriest

Fast and Furriest (Unlocked at level 4)

Dog With a Blog

Dog with a Blog (Unlocked at level 45)

Chyna Parks

Victory Music


Exceptional (Unlocked at level 4)

Kind of Crazy

Kind of Crazy (Unlocked at level 45)



Dream (Unlocked at level 4)

Youthful Spell

Youthful Spell (Unlocked at level 45)


Victory Music

Emperor's Groove

Emperor's Groove (Unlocked at level 4)


K-U-Z-C-O (Unlocked at level 45)

Dipper and Mabel Pines

Victory Music

Timon and Pumbaa

Victory Music


Philosophy (Unlocked at Level 4)

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata (Unlocked at Level 45)

Kim Possible

Victory Music

Call me Beep me

Call me, Beep me (Unlocked at level 4)

What's the sitch

What's the Sitch (Unlocked at level 45)

Jack Skellington

Victory Music


Undead (Unlocked at level 4)


Nightmare (Unlocked at level 45)

Angela Anaconda

Victory Music

Anaconda Style

Anaconda Style (Unlocked at level 4)

My name is Angela

My name is Angela (Unlocked at level 45)


Victory Music

It's been fun

It's been fun (Unlocked at level 4)

Going Turbo

Going Turbo (Unlocked at level 45)



Basic Top

Her first costume. Default.

Color one: Purple top, denim blue trousers, shirt completely blank, tries to have a blue jacket effect, however.

Color two: Green top, white trousers, teal, pink, yellow, black and blue stripes.

Color three: Red top, denim blue trousers, white swirls on red top.

Color four: Black top, orange trousers, black top is a black and white striped pattern


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