Fujiwara Sotomura (Traditional Japanese: Sotomura Fujiwara, そとむら ふじわら) is a Digimon Tamer and one of the main protagonists of the Digimon Tamers CSF AU, his partner is Veemon and he was the fourth character to find his partner, after Raiyu, and the second to gain his Crest (Friendship), after Maeko.


Fujiwara is somewhat shorter than the other Digidestined, but isn't extremely short. He has long brown hair with an Ahoge at the top, and green eyes, he also has a small nose.

In terms of clothing, he wears a body warmer over a purple double sleeved shirt, with yellow accent, the sleeves underneath are a black color. He also wears blue jeans, and black and blue sneakers. His D-Power is a grey-blue color, the same as his Digimon Partner, Veemon.


Fujiwara and Veemon outside the Digital World.

Fujiwara describes this look as casual, and thrown on.
Fujiwaradigimon digital world attire

Fujiwara in the digital world.

In the Digital World, Fujiwara's shirt changes, to a lavender color, with a light blue logo, there's a black shirt underneath, too. Fujiwara wears yellow wristbands in this attire, and his jeans have become shorts, with noticeable bike shorts underneath, his shoes have stayed the same color, but changed in appearance, now more of boots than they are sneakers, the socks have gone from white to black, and are more stretched, when he gets the Crest Of Friendship, he wears the tag around his neck, making it noticeable.

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