A life changing adventure like no other is apon us. Our lives as we knew it will have changed due to the trials we have endured on our us tell you our story.


For the first episode, everyone gets a DIgimon, for those who dont TP/RP with us on this they will auto have thier digimon already.


Junior the Hedgehog[1]

Gender: Male

Partner Type: Dragon

Partner Name:Rubymon

Age: 18

Tae the Pitohui

Gender: Female

Partner Type: Bird

Partner Name: Biyomon

Age: 14

Honoo Xzion[2]

Gender: Male

Partner Type: Dark

Partner Name: Lunamon

Age: 14

Tynic The Hedgehog[3]

Gender: Male

Partner Tyepe: Dragon

Partner Name: Coredramon

Age: 15


It is the year 2024. Life on Mobius has improved from the last 10 years with the arrival of the digital beings from a digital plain of existance, also known as: Digimon. People who own a digimon are known as Tamers. Tamers command a digimon by using a small device known as a Digivice. There are many tamers have Digimon as pets. But as for other tamers. Most of them use Digimon to fight an most to enforce the laws of the new world. These people are known as the Digimon Enforcers, Tamers and Digimon who protect and serve. Our story begins after a normal school day for a group of kids, who are watching an Offical Digimon battle in their school's arena......

Prologue Chapter 1 Dreaming Apon a Star

Yoshigami High School: Arena.

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