This is an AU series created by Apallo the Hedgehog and SonicStar3000. It is mostly based on the Digimon Anime and will have some references and  formulas from it


The Worlds of Digimon Chaos

Aero City 

A giant utopia in the skies above the Digital World, where Humans live if they choose to live in it. Its protected from enemy attacks by its barriers, and the Digimon Enforcers. Unlike the Digital World below, its one big city, not divided by servers. It also serves as a gateway to the Digital World.

The Digital World

The digital plane of existance that the Digimon come from. It is devided by 7 Servers: Artic, Technic, Grand (being the largest), Dread, Aqua, Tropic, and Volcanic. Each with its own cities and arenas for tamers to travel to.

Rules For Character Info 

Character Skeleton

For Example

Name: Exzz Ample

Gender: Male

Partner Type: Dragon (Can be Dragon, Beast, Bird, Plant/Insect, Holy Machiene or Dark.) (They can also be fan made if you want to include your own Digimon in the story)

Age: 12

Additonal Notes

  • If you have a Digimon with no known Evolution Chart, then make some up or incorprate some already made digimon in them if you want this is optional
  • You may use any form of Evolution that was ever used in the Anime/Games
  • Digi-Modifications are allowed.
  • Digi-Xros/Fusion are allowed though Modications. Unless you have a Xros/Fusion-Loader (Cards are reccomended)

Current Characters

(Character Spots are Now Closed, If you want A Character to be in the Series, Ask me or SonicStar3000 upfrount or on Chat)

Genki Sakuwaba

Gender: Male

Partner Type: Dragon

Partner Name:Rubymon

Age: 15

Partner Digimon


  • In-Training: Denomon
  • Rookie: Rubymon
  • Champion:Knightdramon
  • Ultimate: ZerkerKnightdramon
  • Mega: SolarKnightdramon

Digimon Chaos' Storyline

Season 1

It is the year 2024. Life on Earth has evolved  with the arrival of the digital beings from a digital plain of existance, also known as: Digimon. People who own a digimon are known as Tamers. Tamers command a digimon by using a small device known as a Digivice. There are many tamers have Digimon as pets. Our story begins with a group of children who are given thier very own Digimon. For a while things are good, they are able to get into various events and places they werent able to go to before. Life is good, but little do they know, they have a huge part to play dealing with Earth's Survival. For a group called the Shadow Army, a terroist group with the ability and technology to currupt Good Digimon into dark copies, as a means for World Conquest.


Season 1

Sonic The Hedgehog Remix 7(When we reach for you~Could it be right~)04:16

Sonic The Hedgehog Remix 7(When we reach for you~Could it be right~)

Ending Theme for Season 1 Arcs 1 and 2

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