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Diana The Hedgehog (2.0) is currently being written by ApalloTH. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

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You are reading Diana The Hedgehog (2.0), an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Apallo the Hedgehog and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

Diana is the Older Sister of Lunas and the Younger Sister of Apallo and Eclipse, making her the Middle child. She is the brains of the family and can also controll fire and light just like Apallo, But rarely uses it.


Her begining just like Apallo's, Diana has been devoted to bringing peace to Mobius and anywhere she can. Her I.Q. Being higher than anyone she has met, Diana is a Mecha Mechanic who creates Mech-Suits and Walkers for traveling around. At age 6 She created her first Mech-Suit, the D-Walker. At Age 15 She Created 2 Airships, the Solar Flare  and the Flame Dragon.

Now at the Age of 18, she plans to make her inventions help out  people across the planet and maybe the universe. 



Diana has the Mind of a Super Genius, she would rather live a mortal and in the workshop, Diana never uses her powers, which would make her the  weakest in combat. But in Mecha Combat and Compitations she is a force to be reconed with.



Mech Suits

D-Walker 2.0

Fire Seraph

Angel Walker

Spider Stomper



Sonic And Co.

Apallo The Hedgehog (Oldest Brother)

Danielle the Fox (Sister In Law/Alternate Universe)

Eclipse The Hedgehog (Older Brother by Cloning)

Lunas the Hedgehog (Younger Brother)


Dr. Kintobot (before his change)


Romantic Intrests

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