Delta the Mongoose
Delta the Mongoose
Delta is a charismatic Maverick Hunter and up-and-coming Reploid Racer






Incredible vehicle handler, uses multitude of guns, and Soresu Chaosblade combat, but is sloppy in some aspects

Love Interests

Unnamed ex-girlfriend (deceased)


Racing, good competition, having fun, cuties, practicing his aim and fighting, being adventurous, etc.


Nightmares, whores, serious stuff, Mavericks, weak people, losing, easy races, getting left behind, etc.

Delta the Mongoose is a Maverick Hunter that led the Chaser Squad before the whole of the Hunters were merged during the Sigma Wars. He is most known as a breakout Reploid Racer before the missile attack on Abel City took his beloved girlfriend, inspiring him to join the Maverick Wars to gain revenge.


Originally, Delta was an up-and-comer in the sport of Reploid Racing. WIth his finesse and incredible charisma, he went to place top 10 in many races, only occasionally wining. Though he was young and inexperienced, his popularity increased as his driving skills greatly improved. However, his life took a wrong turn during the missile attack on Abel City, caused by the Mavericks lead by Sigma. Though Delta himself was barely able to survive, masny of his friends were not so fortunate. The horror came to really haunthim when he saw him holding his own dying girlfriend. Striken with grief and rage, Delta vowed to join the Maverick Hunters and gain revenge on all Mavericks that would try to hurt any innocents. After multiple months of training and hard work, he was at last enlisted in the Maverick Hunters and declared leader of his own squad. Now, he hunts down any Mavericks he can find in memory of his fallen girlfriend and closest friends.


Delta is a mostly laidback Hunter that doesn't worry too much about the more serious issues or Mavericks. He usually sticks to his own post and doesn't try to think of most other things. He likes to race around, either while on duty, as training, or just for fun. Delta has one of the biggest distains for Mavericks after losing his friends in the Abel City Incident. While he does respect both X and Zero to a certain extent, he is quick to judge their actions and feels it's their fault for not being able to stop the missile attack. Delta is overall pretty confident and secured in his own abilities, but this often backfires on him when he's not careful.




  • Delta is based off the fan-named Green Biker Dude, who is killed while trying to pop a wheelie in the beginning of Mega Man X2.
  • Delta bears a striking resemblence to Gyro Man. This is simply coincidental, however.

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