Deanna Coon the raccoon

Deanna the raccoon was a normal a human and suffocated in a fire caused accidentally by Geox the hedgehog and was found bye her uncle Dr.Eggman. Eggman used her as a test to see if he could copy Shadow the Hedgehog and failed. One day she finally retaliated and escaped. Shadow who found out about Eggmans failed experiment recruited her in to G.U.N. Deanna prefers to hang behind in the shadows and not be noticed. And likes to wear sweat shirts to hide her wings. Also is a medium.

Talents: can sing perfectly and draw also can figure out any task or code laid in front of her and is adaptable to anything and can use any weapon mainly bow and arrow.

Peeves: she hates it when people try to make her flinch and when people look at her stuff with out permission.

Age: has no age because she is immortal known to be currently between 20 to 50 years old.

Powers: can use any and all elements mainly uses fire though and can teleport and read minds.

Parents: unknown but were recent rulers of the fire sprite kingdom which Deanna has inherited the thrown

Sibling: a Dalynn the cat who is married to Mephiles the dark

Boyfreind: Shadow the hedgehog

Random fact: has been haunted by ghosts all her life. Alien Race: Time Lord and dark angel

Beast blood: WereCoon

FREIND LIST!!!!!: Geox the hedgehog Shadow the hedgehog Dalynn the Cat Mephiles the hedgehog Rouge the bat E-123 Omega Hope Knitonober

HATE LIST!!!!: SILVER THE ANNOYING HEDGEHOG Scourge the hedgehog Sonic the blue idiot Amy Rose

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