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I just wanna say that I'm really excited to write this AU, it's certainly something I've wanted to do for a while, though, the start's gonna be pretty crap, I'm sure that the rest of the AU writing will gradually become better. In the meantime, enjoy the writing as is.

Pt. 1

The academy walls stood over the rest of the downtown. The gates embodied with a grip of success. A grip that, I could feel from a mile away. Of course, a mile's nothing to me.

Me? Name's Sonic, I'm a new student of Kibougamine Academy.

'The academy accepts elite students, the best in their specific abilities. 'For instance, I'm the Super High School Level Sprinter. They call me The Fastest Thing Alive, the Blue Blur, I have quite a lotta names, but, y'know, I prefer Sonic.

Super High School Level, though kinda weird, is the tag given to each and every student who enrolls into the academy, the students are handpicked by the headmaster, and, well, they're given these titles, I think I'm sprinting in circles, so I should get to the point, if you wanna enroll, you gotta be a high school student, and you gotta be the top of your field, for example, running on my part. You don't sign up for the school but they invite you, pretty strange, but they're doin' it right! Trust me on that one.

A-Anyway, I got here pretty quick, I don't see a problem with me loitering around the entrance hall... I definitely have a while...

I stepped into the school, and looked around. Looks like I'm the first one here. ...I shouldda slept more, I'm getting a bit dizzy... W-Wait.. is it really the sleep? O...r

I felt like I dozed off, but, it certainly wasn't that...At this point, I didn't feel like my mind and flesh were even one in the same...

And I hit the floor. But what hit my body like the floor, hit my mind like a bottomless pit.

Prologue Part 2->

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