During the investigation of Jabberwock island.

Naegi, Komaeda, Saionji and Nidai found cottages, each cottage had one of the students assigned to it.

Sonia, Maizono and Ishimaru found several gates to other islands, they were locked and seemed to be traveled around by boats.

Junko, Twogami and Yamada found an island that does connect, all that's there is a park.

Nanami, Kirigiri, Sakura and Souda took a look inside the hotel, Nanami was more into the arcade cabinets there, but the group also found a restaurant in the floor above.

Ibuki, Tsumiki, Togami, Fukawa and Junko found a supermarket named "Rocketpunch Market", the store provided items that could provide them with safety and nutrition for months, it's also restocked regularly.

Gundam, Junko, Mondo and Hanamura found a farm, there was one chicken there, but Usami appeared and turned it into a cow.

And, well, that's basically it for the first island!

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