Dallas the Fox

Full Name: Dallas Isaac Stewart.

Gender: Male.

Species: Fox/Mobian.

Age: 16.

Alignment: Good.

Clothes: Black shirt, Black gardening gloves, Red shorts, Blue Jacket with Red collar, and Tan boots.

Favorite Food: Anything Farm-made.

Favorite Color: Green it's the color of gardening and farming.

Favorite T.V. Show: The Fortune Minute.

Favorite Sport: Equestrian Riding.

Favorite Book: Farm Tips 101.

Weapon: Sickle.

Birthday:July 14th.

Family: Ortensia:Mother


Love Interests:Marissa and Paige: He can't choose who he likes more.


Friends: Cream and Tails.

Rivals: Ayaka and Paris.

Enemies: Those who hurt nature.

Abilities: Being a farmer,he is well handy in all spectrum's of farming and Animal Care.

Special Abilities: He can call upon nature to help him with his farming.

Weaknesses: He has an extreme fear of everyone around him being sick.

Personality: He is sweet and hardworking, also he gets along with others quite easily.

Likes: Grapes, Gardening,and, Nursing animals.

Dislikes: Too much rain, sick animals and, the winter season: for it takes a while for things to grow.

Hair Color: Red.

Hair Style: Messy.

Fur Color: Blonde.

Eye Color:Green-Brown.

Height: 4'11.

Weight: 121 Lbs.

Appearance:He is always dressed in his farmer clothes,so you'll rarely see what he looks like without them.

Sexual Preference: Straight.

Super Forms: None.

Teams: None.

Other Info: He moved from Soleanna to the quiet farms of Station Square Meadows, and because of his natural farming talents, he has attracted quite the attention of farming fanatics.

Chao: Harvest, (She's Green and White with Helpful Light Blue eyes).

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