If you wanna know how to do class trials you better read / edit this trial because I am not explaining it to you all one by one.

This is also subject to become a sandbox by me so,,,



Class Trial Dawn Edition

Monokuma grinned at the students, sitting in a throne in front of a large circle of stands. "Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes. If the correct culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However... if the wrong person is voted for... Everyone but the culprit will be punished. The culprit alone, having managed to fool everyone, will publicly graduate this school!"

"Monokuma, I have a question to ask." Gundam turned his head to the bear "Are you so sure one of us the perpetrator?"

"Of course. I'm a bear of my word! It was one of you guys!"

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