Cut Man
Cut Man
Cut Man is a young and ever-loyal Robot Master and Maverick Hunter




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)


Maverick Hunters; leader of the Cut Man Squad

Love Interests

I the Hedgehog


Razors, haircuts, tree-cutting, paper, being with friends & family, redeeming himself, taking down bad guys, etc.


Rocks, evil, being beaten, nightmares of his time with Wily, feeling worthless, seeing friends & family hurt or sad, etc.

Voice Actor

Elinor Hort

Cut Man is a young Robot Master and Maverick Hunter, who is leader of the Cut Man Squa,d which consists of his seven other brothers. Originally created as a timber-cutting robot, Cut Man was later refitted as a combat robot and later a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog.


Cut Man was made in the year 20XX by Dr. Light on Earth, to be a timber-felling robot, mostly to remove branches and trees from locations too impossible or dangerous for any normal human to do. However, he and seven other Robot Masters were stolen by Dr. Wily and reprogrammed as combat robots to help him conquer the world. Cut Man was the most arrogant and childish of the group and did quite a lot of bad things before being taken down by his good friend, Rock, who was refitted into a combat robot himself to counter them.

After this event, Cut Man was reprogrammed back to how he was, and continued his original duties, as well as sometimes help Mega Man during his constant battles. He continued this until he was no longer needed and sealed away in a warehouse along with the other Robot Masters. This warehouse was later accidenally discovered by Gate, who was quite impressed at the technology and machinery that was before him. Anxious to try out this for himself, Gate stole all of the Robot Masters and technology made by Dr Light, Dr Wily, and Dr Cossack, and refitted them to his own image.

When he awoke, Cut Man and his brothers were amazed and surprised at what had happened to them and where they ended up. To add more shock to them, Gate had informed them that Mega Man had gone rogue and was leading an army of evil Mavericks to rule the world. In truth, this was simply Copy-X, a clone that Gate had made to tarnish the reputation of X, who the Robot Masters mistoke as Mega Man. Cut Man encountered one of X's "commanders", Zero, and tried to defeat him, but was easily defeated and returned to Maverick Hunter Base for interrogation, where he had learned of Gate's deception and swore revenge.

After repairs, Cut Man and his brothers helped the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce during the final battle at Gate's Laboratory. There, they encountered Metal Man and the Eight Sons of Wily and fought them off as the Hunters finally confronted and stopped Gate. Cut Man especially was useful in taking down Metal Man with his exceptional martial arts prowess. Cut Man and his brothers were shortly inducted as Maverick Hunters, with Cut Man named leader of the Cut Man Squad. He has since performed quite well as a leader and warrior, as well as developing a big crush on the newest hunter, I.


Cut Man is one of the more responsible Maverick Hunters and Robot Masters, and is very caring towards his brothers and friends. Despite seeming like the oldest of the Squad, Cut Man does have sort of a young and naive side to him and is quite suseptable to deception and a few tricks. He also doesn't like being reminded of the time he was reprogrammed and used for evil by Dr. Wily, and wants to redeem himself for the wrongs he made, more than any of his brothers. He looks up to X as an older brother is one of the closest that has bounded with him.

Powers and Abilities

Cut Man's signature weapon is the Rolling Cutter. It is essentially a boomerang-like weapon, which is the scissor pairs that are implanted on his head that he throws at opponents. The scissors are flown at a desired direction and pattern of Cut Man's choosing, so timing where and when they will be thrown can be tricky.

After his reincarnation by Gate, Cut Man received a few new powers, including shooting his blades from his wrists, a regular arm cannon similar to X, Zero, and I's busters, being able to wall jump & wall climb, and wield some kind of cyber-machetes, whcih he mostly summons from his own hands. In addition, Cut Man has grown to have quite the mastery in kung fu and other martial arts skills. As such, he is most formidable in close-combat situations.

Cut Man is mostly weak and vulnerable against ground-type attacks and heavy artillery weapons as well.






  • Cut Man's like of paper and dislike of rocks is most likely a nod to the old game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", where rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. This would also explain his weakness to ground-type attacks.
  • Cut Man is one of Gurahk's favorite Robot Masters.
  • Cut Man's great martial arts skill is an obvious nod to the semi-infamous "Kung Fu Cut Man" internet meme, which is directly taken from the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon.

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