Crystal Diancie
Crystal Diancie
Crystal Diancie is a Reploid based off of Diancie.





Love Interests

Wing Saber the Jetidna


Wing Saber, peace, tranquility, beautiful jewelry, goodness and purity.


Violence, war, unneeded fighting, perverts, evil, her friends in danger

Crystal Diancie is one of the many soldiers created by Repliforce through Mission Maximal, based on the mystical Pocket Monster (Pokemon) creatures. In Diancie's case, she is based and cloned from the legendary Diancie, hence her name. She is a kind and gentle person that, much like X, fights in the wars with the Mavericks by command, not by choice. Regardless, she is very close to her comrades and will give everything she has to help them.


Crystal Diancie was created and cloned from a Diancie that Reisa retrieved and rescued during her job as heading Mission Maximal. Because Repliforce didn't want to unveil too many new warriors in the event the Maverick Army sent more spies into their ranks, they chose to release Diancie and four other warriors--Zakashi Zeninja, Demos Tyranus, Noblus Greendor, and Aecihl Swellow, where they were welcomed quite lukewarm into the fold. It was here that she met the Aerialbot, Wing Saber, and fell in love with him almost instantly.


Crystal Diancie is a sweetheart that hates the war between Reploids as much as the next person. She wishes to live in a world of harmony and believes the battles are pointless. She has often tried to talk Mavericks out of fighting, but her success has been extremely limited. However, Diancie will always be there to help, for no other reason than to help her friends in Repliforce and fellow Maximals. She also has the biggest crush on Wing Saber, seeing him as a noble and galliant warrior of justice.

Abilities & Powers


Diancie, the basis of Crystal Diancie

Being based off of Diancie, Crystal Diancie is well-versed and skilled in the powers of Earth and Fairy types of battle. She is able to levitate in the air and fly quite well for a beginner. However, she gets uncomfortable flying, as she is still afraid of large heights and is afraid of perverts peeking up her skirt. Diancie relies heavily on defense, and works on clever strategies to compensate. Some of her most notable abilities and attacks include: Nature Power, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Trick Room, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Rock Tomb, Reflect, Psychic, Protect, Light Screen, and Rock Throw. Diancie is resistant to the attacks and weapons of the Normal, Flight, Bug, Fire, and Dark types of battle, and is immune to the Dragon type, but is very weak to the Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass types.




  • Diancie is among the first Maximals that Gurahk created and is one of his favorites.

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