Crispy McChicken is a 12-year-old student at Parkgraw Charter School. Of the main characters of Zay Escobar, Crispy is the only one with an alter ego; his real name is Jaire Highsmith, Jr.

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Who knows? I mean, he claims to be Jewish but implies that he eats pork, and then he talks about Christmas and barely acknowledges Hanukkah.

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Where the Hood at?

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[[Media:Crispy McChicken Snickers Mental Deficiency (By Zay Escobar)]]

Favorite Football Team

New York Giants


Jaire is close-minded and pompous, and that said, extremely intolerant (especially in terms of football and video games). He is also  racist (YES, racist). Jaire normally keeps to a one-sided, biased perspective in an argument.

He is also very chauvinistic.


Initially, Crispy looked vaguely similar to both Zay Escobar and Shabba Clay. He wears a New York Knicks basketball (and occasionally, a New York Giants winter cap).


Jaire's aliases, snickers and crispy mcchicken, come from his relatively light skin color.

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