Count Metalsonicula is the evil spirit of Dracula inside the Sonic CD Metal Sonic's body. It looks like Metal Sonic with a really cool cape and blood red eyes.

Sonic CD: Meta Knight's Revenge

He first appears in that game as the final boss of the game and boss of CastleVania act three. He captures Meta Knight and Eggman so he can eat their souls to add to his power. In order to beat him, Sonic has to knock him into the lava moats that surround his castle. After doing that 3 times, it will move to phase 2, were he will use Metal Sonic's "Copy Cat" ability on the Halberd. Afterwards, he becomes a Metal Sonic Halberd, that is fought on the outside (in act 3 of Stardust Speedway) and on the inside (a booby-trapped Halberd act 2). After his defeat, he retreats to Little Planet as it starts to float away from Mobius. Meta Knight and Sonic will then double-team Eggman, where he will thrown into the dungeons.
Count Metalsonicula

When I said he had an awesome cape, I ment it.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney DLC Case

Mr. Wright will have to defend him because he was framed by Shadow about the murder of Waddle Dee. After a while, The Judge will start to get nervous because all the evidence is saying the murderer was human. Soon, it is revealed by Phoenix Wright, that The Judge himself did it, and Shadow tried to cover it up because the Judge was Gerald Robotnik's brother. Sadly, Dr. Sonic and Doctor-in-Training Tails were the witnesses, and used their medical skills to help Mr. Wright prove this theory. Metalsonicula is proved not guilty, and a new judge is hired, while Judge Elliote Robotnik and Shadow are sent to jail.

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