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  • Apallo The HedgehogJunior: And... -notices Honoo- Honoo? Something wrong?
  • 7:36FlametfhHonoo: Oh, It's nothing.
  • Back
  • 7:37BlurayOriginalspause
  • nvm
  • Actually
  • Yeah
  • It's been awhile
  • Lemme save
  • Welcome to the Chill Sonic Fanon Wiki chat 
  • 7:38BlurayOriginalsOK
  • Reggie
  • 7:39BoombombGurahk owns 2 overseers.
  • 7:39BlurayOriginalsoh.
  • 7:40Boombomb3
  • Cya Jabeznewman4000. ): 
  • 7:40FlametfhI own 1 current one
  • 7:40MaverickHunterSigmaAnd I'm unimportant.
  • 7:40BoombombOriyia, Jahonu and Erebos
  • 7:40MaverickHunterSigmaLol.
  • 7:41Apallo The HedgehogAlright
  • You guys can make 4 more of them
  • to be the new overseers
  • 7:41BoombombMost of them are presumed dead
  • 7:41BlurayOriginalsLet's continue
  • 7:41MaverickHunterSigmaNah it's okay.
  • 7:41Boombombbut they're all pretty much just missing
  • 7:42Apallo The HedgehogOnly a few are dead
  • Kinto killd them in Apallo 5
  • ♪ Nothing suits Jabeznewman4000 like a suit! ♪ 
  • 7:43MaverickHunterSigmaWell I don't wanna accidentally tie up the plot so.
  • 7:44BoombombBoom: So, care to join us?
  • 7:45Apallo The HedgehogJunior: If it means finding out if this bum got my aunt pregent then yes.
  • 7:45MaverickHunterSigmaCiel: *Epic facepalm*
  • 7:45FlametfhHonoo: *Seems distracted* Do you know where the next overseer is?
  • 7:46Boombomb If you don't think Olivier is boss you're wrong.
  • 7:46Apallo The HedgehogJunior: first lets put the kids in a safe place.
  • 7:47FlametfhHonoo: Safe place?
  • 7:47BoombombBoom: Where?
  • 7:48BlurayOriginalsThis shouldn't have happened
  • Never changed
  • I listened to all of it
  • what
  • 7:50Apallo The HedgehogJunior: Well....we may have to take them off planet.
  • 7:50FlametfhHonoo: Hm...
  • 7:50Apallo The HedgehogJunior: -turns the radio on-
  • 7:50FlametfhHonoo: That'd take too long
  • Honoo: The nearest habitable planet
  • 7:50Apallo The HedgehogReporter: ..s dead I repeat the President is dead
  • 7:50FlametfhHonoo:K246152-beta, 3 million light years away.
  • 7:51BlurayOriginalsbitch
  • no
  • planet wisp
  • little planet
  • are like
  • right fucking next to them
  • Or the Ark-- nvm
  • 7:51FlametfhDo I like look I cair
  • 7:51Apallo The HedgehogJunior: Actually. Planet Wisp and Little Planet are near by. And. We have the Ark.
  • 7:51BlurayOriginalsOr they could go to the damn moon
  • Nope
  • Cya Sonicstar3000. ): 
  • 7:51BlurayOriginalsNot the Ark
  • Remember
  • That means Shadow exists
  • 7:51Apallo The HedgehogOh
  • Wait
  • Gerald Exists
  • 7:52BlurayOriginalsi want wisps to exist i'm sorry
  • Cya Yuuki Asuna. ): 
  • 7:52BlurayOriginalsGerald doesn't
  • 7:52Apallo The Hedgehogbecause he created Gurahk's characters
  • 7:52BlurayOriginalsWhich one of Gurahk's characters?
  • 7:52Apallo The HedgehogX
  • 7:52BlurayOriginalsX isn't in this timeline
  • Too much happening at once mang
  • 7:53MaverickHunterSigmaReporter: ...OmegaCorp has issued an international Code Black status across the planet, troops are being mobilized to every part of the world...
  • 7:53Apallo The Hedgehogok
  • 7:53FlametfhHonoo: Ugh, Let's hurry.
  • 7:53BlurayOriginalsBluray: Oh great...
  • 7:53Apallo The HedgehogReporter 2: As we speak OmegaCorp and the NMA are preparing shuttles to evacuate the plan- its shut off-
  • 7:54BoombombListen.
  • 7:54Apallo The HedgehogJunior: The fools....

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