Hikari-Sonata High School

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Station Square

Cosmo Grande Highschool  (1987-present) is a very well known highschool that has been noted to house many excelling teachers and sucessful students over it's many years of schooling.


The school's system sticks to uniform, but students can wear whatever they please if they feel confterable with whatever they want to wear. As for classes like Gym students have to wear the required clothing as seen below.

Known Students

School Grounds

Main Building

The main school building, where classes are held and many of the falcuty 


The field is a place where students can visit during break. It contains a small pond, where Mobians and Chao can swim in.

Pool Building

This is where the School's Pool is located. It is used for many things such as holding swim compititons as well as free use for Gym Classes and for recreational activities.

Dorm Buildings

 An "H" shaped building that holds dorms for students who dont want to comute to the school every day. One side is for Males, and one is for Females. This building also connects to the Cafeteria.


Ah, the Cafeteria. This building has two sections to it. The Indoor, where they have the kitchen (where the food is cooked) and the indoor tables. The Outdoor where it connects to the Field.

Track and Stadium

A Stadium with a Track built in for both sports events and for gym classes

Student Paradice 

An area that students can come to relax. Located in the center of the field, this place holds a few rooms with wi-fi, a few vending machines and a few TVs This room is only open for students with no classes to attend in the day and during break peroids.


  • English
  • Sex Ed
  • Biology
  • Music
  • P.E
  • Math
  • Art/Drawing/Painting
  • Drama


  •  (principal)
  •  (nurse)
  •  (secondary Nurse)
  •  (Gym teacher)
  •  (other gym teacher)
  •  (Unqualified, music teacher)
  • (Drama)

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