The Combaticons are a rag-tag team of Maverick Mercenaries. Despite their Maverick status, the Combaticons take no actually sides, and just simply take the jobs from ones that have the biggest rewards.




  • Onslaught the Mongoose: Leader of the Combaticons. He is the most strategic and cunning of the group that keeps his group in check. He forms the torso of Bruticus.
  • Brawl the Echidna: The destructive-based brute muscle of the Combaticons. He is fueled by death and destruction, but also has an intelligent side as well. He forms the left leg of Bruticus.
  • Vortex the Bat: The young and brash member of the Combaticons. He is capable of creating strong winds and electric shockwaves to take down his foes. He forms the left arm of Bruticus.
  • Swindle the Fox: The swavvy and most greedy of the Combaticons. He enjoys nothing more than looting out any kind of money or treasure they find, mostly using it to make them richer or stronger. He forms the right leg of Bruticus.
  • Blast-Off the Eagle: The swift and collective brains of the Combaticons. He does most of the thinking for them, and thinks very well in calculations and logic. He forms the right arm of Bruticus.
  • Bruticus the Almighty: The combined form of all the Combaticons. He is a poweful titan that is more powerful than even X and Vile, and just as powerful as High Max.

Known Benefactors



  • The Combaticons are based after the characters of the same name from Transformers. It is mostly their Fall of Cybertron incarnations.
  • Vortex was miscolored blue because Gurahk was paying more attention to the toy version, rather than the game model, which was red.

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