Colonel the Hedgehog
Colonel the Hedgehog
Colonel is a strong Reploid who is the second-in-command of Repliforce










His men, General, protecting others


Defeat, being forced to disarm

Colonel the Hedgehog is a powerful, Chaosblade-wielding, Reploid who the right-hand man of General the Wolf of Repliforce.


Colonel quickly re-established his position after Repliforce's revival, and began taking somewhat more administrative roles in the General's absence. As was in his previous time, Colonel's decision making was recongnized by General as beyond reproach. During this time, Colonel and Zero the Hedgehog met and quickly became friends, after realizing that this Zero was not the Zero that he had known, and became dueling partners. Both Colonel and Zero refined their techniques and almost became like brothers to each other through their few but intense duels.

Colonel was the main factor in the arrest of Vile the Weasel, after finding out about Pallette's murder. At the time, he did not have complete proof of Vile's guilt, but it quickly became apparent that Vile was indeed the culprit, thus solidifying General's conviction about Colonel.


Colonel is extremely prideful in Repliforce and himself as a soldier. He despises being forced into disarming, even if it is for good reason. Due to this pride, he's also easily offended when one is speaking negatively of Repliforce. Again, even for good reason.


Colonel is a strong Chaosblade-wielder, and his swordplay is extremely heavy-handed. He likes using power attacks as his main form of offense, and backs it up with strong, stiff-armed parries. He is extremely sure on his feet, and appears to have the inablility to flinch when attacked.





  • Colonel is based off of a character of the Mega Man X series under the same name

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