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Battle of the Flagship Mascots is a spinoff of flagship characters, concepts, and major characters. It is a similar idea to the Super Smash Brothers series. Unlockables' concept of being unlocked have

Starter Character Descriptions

Super Mario

Super Mario is the main protagonist in this game, and the first character out of the Lineup. He has all of his abilities and advantages. He is balanced but slightly difficult.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is the deutergonist of the game, and the second character in the game, but is difficult to pick for starters. He is the best choice in this game.

White Bomber

White Bomber is the easiest player to play as as far as the starter characters. He can also bombard his enemies leaving devestating damage.


Link & Zelda

These two can be unlocked after Finishing the "Story Mode" as Super Mario.

Mighty The Armadillo

Mighty the Armadillo is one of the earliest concepts of Sonic The Hedgehog, and can be unlocked after finishing the Story Mode as Sonic The Hedgehog. He has his own abilities and can adapt both his and Knuckles' The Echidna (whom is only mentioned).

Alex Kidd

After beating Metal Sonic as Mighty, the player will be able to play as Alex Kidd. Alex Kidd, like Sonic, Alex was a mascott for Sega.

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