Chill Trainers is a series that follows the story of a team of trainers that call themselves Team Chill. So far only 2 Regions are planned  and 2 Trainers have been announced to be main characters.

Neuvo Region Adventure! ((Season 1))

The Neuvo region is the largest Region on Planet Chill. Kenjima is full of wonderful Pokemon of many shapes and Sizes. Its most noted land mark is the entire city of Abito, the City of Aqua. The total amount of routes (Land, Sea, and Caves combines)) is 29 With 9 Major Cities.

Folklore and Legends

Legendary Pokemon

  • Kenjima: Legend of Answers  It is the guardian of the entire Region. In ancient times. Its wings of wisdom shielded the entire region from falling meteors, but because of the attack, the legendary Bird had to turn itself to stone to recover over time.
  • Asterite: Legend of the Meteor: One of the guardians of the night. It is never seen without it's Lunar Blade, usually held in it's beak, unless it is carrying something else, when it would be in it's talons. They are a nocturnal Pokémon and can only be seen once the moon rises. Myths say that the spirit of Asterite watches over the city as it sleeps.
  • Meteorok: Legend of the Dark Meteor: The one responcable for the attack in Ancient times. It was sealed up in stone along with Kenjima but ended up in a mysterious tomb. Nothing more is known about this dark and evil pokemon
  • Astrochick: Legend of Questions






  1. Ventus City (Flying)
  2. Sparktopilis (Electric)
  3. Industeria (Steel)
  4. Oracle Town (Rock,Ground)
  5. Leaftop City (Grass)
  6. Neon City (Dark)
  7. Capital: Lunar City (Psychic)
  8. Lindivus Town (Ice)
  9. Neuvo League City



Movies ((Special RPs/TPs))

Chill Trainers OVA 1Kenjima and the Dark Star



Salamandurn "Sal" Apallo - One of the Main Characters in this series. And is an extreme fan of Fire, Electric and Dragon type Pokemon. This firey spirit  is entergetic and is an amazing skater always using his SwitchSkaters as footwear.

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