General Rules

  • All games will be played in Best of 3, finals will be played in Best of 5.
  • EVOLVE Browser will be used to connect all players. Do not use Hamachi.
  • Must be played in Solo or Band play. Duet is not allowed. Both players must agree on one gametype.


  • Duet play hardban: Players are not permitted to play Duet outside of a Duet-only tournament.
  • EX characters: EX characters such as Super Sonic, EX Mikoto, etc. cannot be used in tournament play.
  • Pitch Perfect stalling hardban: Players are not permitted to use endless stalling techniques e.g. Jotaro's Star Platinum: The World -> Held Star Breaker.


  • Training Stage softban: Players cannot use the Training Stage in tournament play.
  • Squads only ruleset: A ruleset in testing that does not allow squadless characters such as Newbie.

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