Tizoc is a playable character who made his debut in Garou: Mark of the Wolves but later appears in The King of Fighters. In The King of Fighters XIV, Tizoc reappears under a new persona named King of Dinosaurs.


Tizoc is a close range grappler character. His main game is to get as much damage off of his BnBs as possible, and ending with his grabs for hard knockdown. His normals have decent to good range and he is able to close the gap between himself and an opponent with a dive-in special, though keep in mind that this could be punished if Tizoc is not taking advantage of a poor zoning option (e.g. Falco's blaster shooting the wrong way.).

Tizoc's grabs are OTG, which means they can hold a grounded opponent. Tizoc's attacks while high damage are very punishable on whiff and his hurtbox is very big. Remember; grab! Grab! GRAB!


  • High damage and meter gain
  • Untechable OTG grabs allow Tizoc to take advantage of a hard knockdown or punish opportunity.


  • Big hurtbox
  • Lack of zoning options
  • Mediocre pokes

Move List



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