Naruto Uzumaki is the primary protagonist and titular character of the Naruto manga series. He's going to be the next Hokage, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Naruto is a fairly standard run-of-the-mill character, with standard projectiles, normals, auto-counters and dragon punches, which with his unique button require a small amount of meter to be used for greater damage and unpredictability. He has shadow clones which can be used to his advantage in battle, granted you have the right amount of meter.

Unlike most characters, if Naruto attempts a super with inadequate meter the jutsu will fail, leaving Naruto in a punishable state. However this paired with his low damage does not stop 3krok from considering him "among if not the best character in the game" in his launch tier list.


  • Gets clean hitconfirms virtually every time
  • Excellent normals
  • Auto-counters which teleport allow Naruto to scare opponents easily. 


  • Could be considered difficult to use
  • Misjudged fever can lead into Naruto being extremely punished

Move List



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