Touma is the protagonist of A Certain Magical Index but played a supporting role in the spinoff manga titled A Certain Scientific Railgun. 


Touma is an extremely technical ground-based character. His right arm can nullify or deflect many projectiles and other attacks and turn them into meter which greatly increases his potential. Touma is a unique character in that he has a "Luck" gauge located underneath his Fever bar which changes and unlocks different supers as the match progresses or if Touma taunts. Depending on the way the battle turns out, he can activate many different luck forms.


  • Luck gauge can help Touma turn the tide of battle.
  • Right arm is capable of shutting down even the craziest projectile shenanigans with little difficulty.
  • Has one of the widest movesets in the game.


  • The amount of options Touma has could greatly overwhelm some players.
  • No projectiles whatsoever greatly damages his fullscreen potential.
  • Is one of the only characters to lack a double jump, making his air game among the worst.

Move List


  • Without safe confirms, Touma may not even have the chance to change his luck. To remedy this, try a simple knockdown combo.
Chill Superstars - Touma Safe Taunts00:31

Chill Superstars - Touma Safe Taunts


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