Guts is the main character of the Berserk manga series. 


Guts is a rather tricky character to use, he is considered a glass cannon in that he can either KO quickly or get KO'd quickly, but is rather unconventional in gameplay. Guts' damage output is actually low compared to other characters, but he's capable of creating stressful situations that can cause a player to mess up an entire round granted he has the right resources.

A strong Guts is exceptional at keeping the enemy at bay with his extremely long-reaching normals that almost cover the entire screen on some stages. Guts requires a good sense of spacial awareness and requires the player to be very comfortable with playing defensively.

His sword has a hitbox so don't act like you can flail it around and not get blown up.


  • Big sword
  • Easy knockdowns let Guts create dirty okizeme and pressure.
  • Can punish many attacks from anywhere on the screen.


  • Has one of the lowest health values in the game. 
  • Has to rely on meter to create less predictable situations and combos.

Move List



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