So, the other day, I was thinking: Why dont we have a Favicon!?

Apparently, Boombomb was thinking about one too, so we are going to have a competition!

Send us ideas, Drawings, pictures, anything that you think would sum up the wiki in a small 16*16px icon.

(BTW: In case you dont know, a Favicon is the little icon in the address bar. Currently ours is the default Wikia "[ ]" thingy.)

A Few Rules:

1. It MUST sum up the whole wiki, not just your stuff.

2. It's gonna be small, so dont put a ton of detail into it.

3. We are trying to improve the wiki and attract new visitors. Please keep that in mind.

Please leave a reply with a link to your image and a simple explaination of it.

Competition Closes: 1st December 2012.

Thanks, Have Fun and Good Luck!!

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