Chill Sonic Fanon Card Battle is a... Well.


For cards, go for classic and modern characters alike, idgaf if your character is retconned.

Please ask before adding cards.

D Level Cards (300HP; 300BP)

D Level Cards are the most common in the game, but they're the weakest, although being the weakest in HP and BP, they are more likely to have a special ability than any other level.

  • James the Blue Jay
  • Aileen the Hedgehog
  • Sparks the Hedgehog (Original)
  • Magnifi Gramarye
  • Chase the Fennec Fox
  • Angela the Fox

C Level Cards (400HP; 300BP and Vice Versa)

C Level Cards are slightly stronger than D Levels, though they don't have special abilities as commonly.

  • Mari Tomi
  • Yugi the Fox
  • Trucy Enigmar Gramarye
  • Thalassa Enigmar Gavin
  • Sal the Echidna

B Level Cards (400HP; 400BP)

B Level Cards are very similar to C Level Cards, although their HP and BP is a 400 and doesnt alterate.

  • Luk-S
  • Jester the Hedgehog
  • Suri the Unyielding
  • Valant Gramarye
  • Flame the Hedgehog

A Level Cards (500HP; 500BP)

A Levels are very balanced, possibly being the most median cards in the game.

  • DeMasque III

S Level Cards (750HP; 700BP)

S Level cards are very strong cards, at the cost of being difficult to unlock. They have special abilities more commonly than B but less commonly than C

  • JT the Androhog
  • Flint the Weasel
  • Shadi Gavin
  • Boombomb the Hedgehog

SS Level Cards (1000HP; 900BP)

SS Level Cards are very, very difficult to unlock, but are almost twice as powerful as A Level Cards, They have special abilities more commonly than C but less commonly than D

X [Gold] Level Cards (1500HP; 1200BP)

If it wasn't obvious, X Level Cards are the most powerful cards in the entire game, in which they can singlehandedly defeat many D Levels at once.

  • EX James
  • EX Sparks
  • Doom the Dark Lord

Support Cards

  • Pred the Weirdhog (If the opponent attacks in that turn, the damage is recoiled.)
  • Horror the Chao (Makes the opponent unable to attack for 1 turn)
  • Kid Boombomb (If in your deck, attacks are more likely to be critical)
  • SPEEDee (if a card is hit, the card's HP raises instead)
  • Jacoffee [Inside Joke ver.] (When used, does double the damage

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