James Avalone is a playable character in Chill Sonic Fanon: All-Star Free For All!!, he is where Player 1's icon starts.



Intros are the motions played at the start of the match.

Hi! - James looks around before waving to the camera and saying "Hei!"

Thought Drift - James looks around before he realises where he is, and giggles, embarrassed.

Looks like this'll be hard. - James looks at his saber, and swings it a little.

Just a boy - James has his hands behind has back before going into a fighting stance, he says a quote during this line.

Outro (Winning)

Outros are motions played when the player wins.

You did well - James does a two finger salute, whilst grinning with closed eyes, and leaning forward.

4Peace! - James brings a hand out his pocket to do a victory sign with his fingers.

Close one - James sighs of relief.

Cybernetic Genius - James swings his saber before putting it on his shoulder.

Outro (Losing)

When using an Outro, not only do they change the winning animation but the losing one, too.

When using You did well - James is faced away from the camera, looking at his right hand.

When using 4Peace! - James claps for his winning opponent and rolls his eyes.

When using Close one - James is knelt, looking down into his two hands which are together.

When using Cybernetic Genius - James facepalms at his loss.

Victory Music

Avalonian Symphony

The -Battler


Rival Name: Junior Solaris

Connection: Both James and Junior appeared in Digimon Chaos. In SS3K's Legacy -Battlers series, both characters are unlocks in Legacy -Battlers EX, Apallo being in the Tricky Team and James being sub-boss, in some way, both of them also represent the colours Red and Blue. In talkplays and roleplays, both are depicted as best friends, both characters are also fourteen years of age and weild a blade-like weapon each.


  • James is the only character to be voiced in Japanese.
  • James' second victory track is a remix of Legacy -Battlers 2's results screen theme.

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