Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin is the self-centered and cunning Maverick that leads Team Chill-Out




Penguin Reploid

Love Interests



Kicking butt, cold areas, excitement, respect, fun arctic activities, etc.


Boredom, disrespect, failing, idiots, sentimental stuff, extreme heat, global warming, feeling weak, being an afterthought, etc.

Voice Actor

Dean Galloway

Chill Penguin is a self-centered and ambitious Maverick that leads the bounty hunting squad, Team Chill-Out. Originally a Maverick Hunter stationed in the Polar Unit, he was called upon by his Commander Sigma as part of his own squad and eventually joined as a Maverick commander in the first rebellion.


When the Maverick Wars began, Chill Penguin was anxious to become one of the Maverick Hunters and be seen as a sort of legend. To his disappointment, he was appointed member of a patrol in the polar countries of Mobius. Constantly bored, he was often on the verge of going Maverick. His breakthrough finally came when Sigma moved him into battle as leader of his own squad.

Penguin quickly showed great skill in battle, but was quite distasteful at how soft fellow hunter, X the Hedgehog, was and the way he reacted in the heat of battle. He also got into a lot of fights with Flame Mammoth. Penguin quickly joined the Maverick rebellion when Sigma strived for Reploid evolution, seeing it as the most perfect oppertunity to test his mettle. However, he was soundly and easily defeated by X, who chose to resist Sigma's twisted ideals.

Chill Penguin's body was never found, but X quickly left after defeating him and had thought he had died. In reality, however, Chill Penguin was simply playing possum and went into hiding to repair himself. After he heard of Sigma's supposed death, he decided to make his own bounty hunter squad. Gathering five other Mavericks, Penguin formed Team Chill-Out, and seeks big profits and glory in the multiple opportunities available.


Chill Penguin is an extremely bloated and ego-crazed Maverick that is always thinking of himself. Clever enough to fake death and live to fight another day, he is constantly on the look-out for more exciting work and opportunities at beating other "weak" Reploids. It was this mindset that caused him to go Maverick in the first point. Chill Penguin also hates being left out and seen as an afterthought, like Sigma and the Maverick ARmy did long after his defeat.

Abilities & Skills

Chill Penguin's signature weapon is the Shotgun Ice. He shoots several most weak shards of ice power that will freeze anything it touches. He is also quite fast and durable for his size, able to charge and slide into his opponents with great speed and power. Chill Penguin is also able to create brief but fierce blizzards. He can also do an ice breath and create ice sculptures from almost nothing. Chill Penguin, because of his power and species, is extremely weak to fire attacks.



Original Counterpart



  • Chill Penguin is the first Maverick that X has defeated.
  • Chill Penguin is the first Ice-based Maverick introduced in the Maverick Hunter X series.
  • Chill Penguin's feather color is supposed to be darker than it should look like.

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