Chill Kart is a new racing game created by Apallo The Hedgehog. It will be based off of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and will consist of ___ Cources ____ Cups and various game modes.

The Characters

Light Class

  • Joseph the Wolf
  • Reggie the Bat
  • Arcee the Cat
  • Yuna the Tribrid
  • Cryshan the Hedgecat
  • Crystan the Hedgecat
  • Honoo the Pyrofox
  • Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine

Medium Class

  • Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Lunas the Hedgehog
  • Diana the Hedgehog
  • Crymson the Cat
  • Junior the Hedgehog
  • Alice the Rabbit
  • Orphan the Albino Hedgehog
  • Holly the Fox
  • Jack the Echidnahog
  • Audrey the Bat
  • Delta the Mongoose
  • Tye The Hedgehog
  • Jayceson Avis
  • Kouta the Racoon

Heavy Class

  • Dr.Kimble
  • Pierce the Echidnabat
  • Cuifel the Reaper

The Cups

Chilled Cup

  1. Chilly Circuit
  2. Station Raceway
  3. Rocky Falls Resourt
  4. Ribbion Mall

Azure Cup

  1. Military Circuit
  2. Emerald Caves
  3. Sewer Raceway
  4. Boombomb Circuit

Omega Cup

  1. Tombstone Valley
  2. Chao Island
  3. Whoopie Heights
  4. Starlight Road

Majang Cup

  1. Yodel Village
  2. Snowy Peak Plaza
  3. Desert Ruin Run
  4. Starry Hills

Magic Cup

  1. Treetop Pow-adise
  2. Virtual Network
  3. Flash Camera Fountains
  4. Cloudburst Circuit

Comet Cup

World Tournament Cup

  1. Grassland Stadium
  2. Matrix Raceway
  3. Summer Beach
  4. Aero Dome
  5. N.M.A. Speedway
  6. Omega Stadium
  7. Boombomb Circuit 2
  8. Mobius Dome

Quantam Cup

  1. Emerald Valley
  2. Yellow Canyon
  3. Water-Blue Seabed
  4. Purple Mansion
  5. Blue Lake City
  6. Silver City
  7. Red Lavaflow
  8. Quantam Stadium

Galatic Cup

  1. Wisp's Forest 
  2. Black Hole Road
  3. Starlight Carni-ride
  4. Eartly View Road

Universal Cup

The Items




The Wheels




The Story

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