This RP was made by the two of us to not only celebrate Chill's 1 Year Birthday but to encurage new users and current users to support this wiki and keep it fun for every one.~ Apallo and Boombom.

Story: chiLL MeMoRieS

The Chill Cinema. After  a year of work it is finally completed. And As a opening night special all Screens are Showing the Events that has happened over the past Year. Boom and his friends manage to get in for free due to the year of saving the planet from evil time and time again. Join our heroes in the First chiLL SoNiC faNoN Anniversary Special, chiLL MeMoRieS!!!

Come join us for this special event on March 16th!!!!

Roleplay Rules

Because this is Chill's Anniversary Roleplay the rules will be taken seriously, based on which rule is broken the result apon you will be just.

  1. Until the 16th of March only the Characters Section can be edited
  2. No Gododding.
  3. No Flaming or Making any smart comments in the Forums.
  4. If you are missuing users on the wiki, in chat or in the forums your character will be removed and your status on the the RP along with them.
  5. No Inueendo or Sexual content
  6. Flirting is allowed

Character List


Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox (Flame)

Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine (Flame)


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