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This is an archive of all the past interviews.

October 2012

And our first Character of the Month is...Boombomb the Hedgehog!

  • Q1: Biggest Pet Peeve? (Koggeh)

A1: Boom: People who completely mess up my missions... (Plot Change)

  • Q2: Do you ever take pictures with clothes on? (Blu)

Q2: Boom: I wear clothes. o.e

  • Q3: How did you meet Ciel? (Legion)

A3: Boom: I met Sparks when he joined the force, he was my partner. Ciel? When my arm got ripped off, she took the pain away by being cute.

  • Q4: What made you want to join the CIA? (SS3K)

A4: Boom: Apparently Orphans are the best recruits.

  • Q5: What kind of adventures do you usually go on? (Apallo)

A5: Boom: Usually ones that end up killing someone. 

  • Q6: Do you have any special techniques or abilities? (Suika)

A6: Boom: I can control energy and make it into a form that it can attack people.

  • Q7: Boom, now that you've won character of the month...... how do you feel? (Pheo)

7. Boom: I'm not so sure actually, I guess, thanks.

  • Q8: What was your first design? (Tynic)

8. Boom: It was terrible, I looked like a turd.

November 2012

Due to the Forum delay User/Character of the Month was put on indefinite hiatus. The votes for November were already cast and I didn't feel like cheating the rightful winners out of their interview. So introducing our November winner: Sear the Hedgecat.

Q1: Why have I never heard of you? (Legion)

Q2: So, how does it feel being picked out of the many mobians nomiated to be Character of the Month? (Apallo)

Q3: What do you think of your brothers? :3 (SS3K)

Q4: Do you think Nazo will ever come back for you (Gurahk)

Q5: Why do you love Jane? (Blu)

Q6: What's your favorite thing to do? (Boom)

Q7: Why are your spikes recolored? (Holly)

September 2013

Our first winner of the reboot is my very own: Bluray.

  • Q1: Who would you say is the most helpful to you? (Flame)

Bluray: My friends of course.

  • Q2: What sort of adventures do you enjoy? (Boom)

Bluray: More light-hearted ones. I'm still always up for the grand planet-stakes adventures though.

  • Q3: How is life with your best friends? (Apallo)

Bluray: Everything's going pretty well with Apallo, Chewie and Honoo.

  • Q4: What's your opinion on the other heroes? (Legion)

Bluray: Most of my friends are pretty rad.

  • Q5: Heya, what's it like to be a hero of sorts? (Pheo)

Bluray: not gonna lie it's pretty rad.

  • Q6: What's your strangest experience so far? (Rio)

Bluray: The time we got attacked by a canon based villain in a canon-free universe

  • Q7: How do you like that CotM award? (Ecruos)

Bluray: (kisses Trophy) MWA, MWA!

October 2013

Next month: same creator. GG B)

  • Q1: What do you like to eat the most? (Apallo)

Chewie: Avacado!

  • Q2: What does poyo mean? (Boom)

Chewie: Whatever I wanted it to mean.

  • Q3: Who're your parents? (Zay)

Chewie: (shrugs)

  • Q4: Can't you gain people's abilities by swallowing them? Of so, what's your fav? (SS3K)

Chewie: My favorite is Stone cause it help me protect my friends.

  • Q5: Have you ever met a cute female Kirby before? (Gurahk)

Chewie: I never met any other "Kirby".

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