The Cat Clan's Eatery is a family restaurant owned and operated by Irona and Clyera. It is a dining establishment where they put the recipes from their clan available for the public to eat.

Setting, Decor, and Types of Food Served

The restaurant's setting and decor is based on that of a Tropical Forest mixed with Japanese culture with Japanese writing and pictures on the walls and exotic trees and plants for decorations. Because it is Family Owned, the dishes served are all made from family recipes in the Clan.



Main Dishes/Entrées

Pike Spice Rice -
Refined Fried Rice -
Rice Salad -
Kitty Puff Puff -
Aoi Meat Doughnuts-

Side Dishes


Drinks & Beverages


Fantasy Mountain Spring Water: Natural water from the mountains, it's rich in minerals and always stays cool.

Soda & Soft Drinks

Chaos Cola

Chaos Cola is the leading soft drink brand in Knothole. It appears as ordinary cola, but there is something about the taste and advertising that draws back the cash of its many billion customers.


Chaos Cola Cherry

Chaos Cola Vanilla

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik is the 2nd most popular brand in Knothole, behind Chaos Cola. It has a good, deep flavor to it, but there's something about it that makes it unique.


Dr. Robotnik: Cherry

Dr. Robotnik: Vanilla.

Dr. Robotnik: Cherry Vanilla.



House Specials

Mrs.Meow's Saki

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