clown's fam

  • Giggles: Clown's Street Smart Cousin 
  • Louiz: Clown's Great Aunt Who Blew Her Retirement Funds and Has To Work At Birthday Parties
  • Bizarro: Clown's Alternate Dimension Counterpart, An Absolute Madman and One of Clown's Most Powerful Enemies
  • Peter: Clown's Fat Uncle Who's Into Bad Tasteless Humor 
  • Krusty: Clown's Famous Jewish Cousin
  • Cheapy: Clown's Bastard Uncle Who Is A Complete And Utter Cheapskate
  • Estranged Father: Clown's No Good Father Who Refuses To Pay Child Support Kong
  • Donalt: Clown's Great Uncle Who Roams Australia And Beats The Shit Out Of People Who Go To Hungry Jacks'
  • Baffo: Clown's Civil Rights Seeking Second Cousin Who Wishes To Prove To The World That Not All Clowns Are Bad
  • Shirraco: 
  • Tearaway: Clown's Fat Cousin and the son of Peter. Has a tearaway face and can teleport. Also a Sony fan.

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