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Burst the Hedgehog: The Series/Episode 2: Confusion

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The second episode of Burst the Hedgehog: The Series.


New things have sprouted up within Burst's world! Who is this new girl who claims to be Ayla's sibling? Where did her adopted son Z really come from? Why are we asking so much questions? Find out now!


  • Burst the Hedgehog
  • Bethany the Hedgebat
  • Ayla the Vampire Hedgebat
  • Kayla the Vampire Hedgebat
  • Z the Crossbreed
  • Stream the Cat
  • Sabrina the Hedgecat

Episode Begin!

Burst: (walking around) It's Beth's birthday pretty soon. I gotta find her a present!

Stream: -nearby, out of earshot, observing Burst- Hmm...apparently the ground-dwellers also take in the importance of counting the years that their spirits have soared... They seem to have a festivity over it even, like us sky-dwellers...

Ayla: (flies by) Huh? (notices Stream)

Stream: -notices Ayla, murmurs to himself-'s that flying ground-dweller...

Bethany: (walking around town)

Sabrina: -walking nearby, exploring her new world-

Kayla: (flying up above)

Bethany: (sees Kayla)  Huh? Who's...

Ayla: (saw Kayla as well) What the!?

Sabrina: -notices Kayla also- Hm? Another flying ground-dweller?

Ayla: (flies up to Kayla)

Bethany: Oh, GREAT! Now there are TWO whores that want to kill me!

Ayla: Sis? Is that really you?

Kayla: (growls) Last time I checked, we aren't sisters... You're a disgrace to our family, Ayla! Ever since you met Burst, you've focused your entire life to winning his heart! He's not interested in you!

Bethany: Huh?

Burst: ? (hears the argument nearby)

Stream: -also hears the argument- Hmm...

Sabrina: -murmuring- Oh my...

Bethany: (heard most of the argument) You two... are sisters?!

Kayla: Yeah, but I don't like her.

Ayla: I don't like her, either.

Bethany: You're my new best friend... uh...

Kayla: Kayla.

Bethany: Ok.

Sabrina: Wow...such alliances...

Bethany: How come you don't like Ayla, Kayla?

Kayla: Because of the vendetta she has with you. It's stupid!

Sabrina: Hmm...

Burst: (walks over) What's going on?

Bethany: Hey, sweetie! I just made a new friend!

Kayla: Hi, Burst. I've heard a lot about you.

Sabrina: Hmm, so I've heard...

Stream: -walks over to Sabrina- Interesting developments, eh?

Sabrina: Indeed...

Burst: (notices Sabrina and Steam) You two again.

Stream: Hmm...they seem to have noticed our presence...

Sabrina: What do you want to do about it?

Stream: ...Nothing, first contact is inevitable anyhow.

Bethany: Huh? (looks at Steam and Sabrina) I can't help but think that those two are like us... somehow...

Sabrina: But what do we do? We don't want to make a bad impression...

Stream: Respect, the universally accepted mannerism.

Ayla: Hmph. Are you guys done yet?

Sabrina: -looks at her oddly, curious-

Stream: Hm... She is agitated...from conversation that doesn't even involve her...

Sabrina: Really strange...but in a strange world, it is to be expected...

Kayla: (growls) I wish you were normal, Ayla... Instead of wasting your life, chasing after one guy! It's ridiculous!

Sabrina: That sounds...illogical and frivolous...

Stream: Indeed... If I was that man I'd feel extremely uncomfortable in that situation.

Burst: (to himself) You have NO idea...

Sabrina: -sighs- Well then...

Bethany: (I have to agree with them... there's really no such thing as normal...)

Sabrina: Courting seems to be just as a prevalent role here as it is back home...

Stream: Indeed...sans the insane pursuing...

Kayla: Huh? (notices Stream and Sabrina)

Sabrina: -whispers to Stream- That other flying ground-dweller sees us...

Stream: Is that a problem? I told you, first contact is inevitable.

Kayla: Those two... seem familiar...

Stream: -uncertainly smiles and waves, slowly-

Sabrina: I hope this isn't a mistake...

Stream: I hope so too...

Kayla: (smiles and waves back)

Stream: Heh... That wasn't so bad...

Sabrina: You're right...

Kayla: (smiles)

Sabrina: -giggles and smiles also-


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