Burnin' Kitsune
Burnin' Kitsune
Burnin' Kitsune is a pyromaniacal Maverick created by Dr. Doppler




Kitsune-based Maverick


Dr. Doppler (creator)

Love Interests

Twilight Buttercup


Fire, exploding stuff, fulfilling his desires, taking dives, chilling with Twilight, etc.


Water, drowning, being low on energy, no fun, playing it safe, etc.

Voice Actor

Brad Swaile

Burnin' Kitsune is a Maverick developed by Dr. Doppler that serves in the Maverick Army's Aerial Assault Unit. Created to act as a living reusable missile, Kitsune has a high resistance to pain and fire, often using his fire powers to create explosives, which he does daily. Despite all this, he is a kind Reploid deep down as discovered in his relationship with Twilight Buttercup.


Burnin' Kitsune was created by Dr. Doppler as a reusable missile that would never faulter. After numerous tests, Kitsune was ready for war and began his work in the Maverick Army, destroying comrades and enemies with his ability to constantly destroy without rest or quarter. However, he felt no satisfaction and was often bored until he took part in Project Predacon, where he met Twilight Buttercup. There, the two learned a bit about each other and started to fall in love. However, it was reported that Twilight was killed in battle by the Mavwrick Hunters, a thing that not only shocked him, but also enraged Kitsune.


Burnin' Kitsune is quite an insane Maverick, due to his obsession with always destroying and blowing things up. Because of his original purpose and constantly destroying things, he is usually a pyromaniac and doesn't make much friends. Twilight was the one person, however, that was able to open up to him, and show that he was actually a lonely person that is very kind and understanding with others, though few would actually believe them after this.

Abilities & Powers

Burnin' Kitsune has full control of fire, to the point that it is literally part of his actual life source. Kitsune is able to launch powerful fire attacks from all over and is trained in pyrokinetic combat arts. He also uses normal fire charging attacks that are normal kamikaze or explosive attacks. A majority of them is from above and taking a dive, which is ironically the same way he is used to live. His techniques and obsession to crashing into and blowing things up are all to do with his energy core, as all his fire techniques and agendas convert into energy for his core. If not done several times a day, he passes out and if not done for over a week, he will die, which is why he is always causing explosions.




  • Burnin' Kitsune is an original Maverick character that was created by Gurahk and given to XxZekeKnightxX.

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