Bumblebee the Hedgebee
Bumblebee the Hedgebee
Bumblebee is a young Repliforce Scout with a big attitude and heart




Hedgehog-Bumblebee Hybrid-Reploid


Great speed, flight (though not exactly the best flyer), amazing sports car driver, great at close-combat, and good at using weapons like the Neutron Assault Rifle, Gear Shredder, Throwback Blaster, and Photon Burst Rifle

Love Interests

Sari the Hedgehog (suggested), Override the Echidna


Racing, kicking butt, having fun, doing good, hanging out with partners, feeling good about himself, etc.


Serious stuff, getting shoved off, disrespect, getting into trouble, bullying, harassment, lack of action, etc.

Voice Actor

Johnny Yong Bosch

Bumblebee the Hedgebee is one of Repliforce's youngest members, who works as a Scout in the Interstate Urban Unit, under the command of Slash Beast. He tends to try gathering information on enemies, but has also been known for trying to chill out and be a little easy-going.




Bumblebee is the kind of Reploid that has a lot of heart, but also has an attitude. He has a knack for badmouthing his opponents whilst in the heat of battle, as well as being a wise guy to his comrades. This annoys practically everyone that knows him, but he can be tolerable to some extent. Bumblebee still is a wise-cracking and fun-loving scout that has found a bond in racing, to the point he has grown smitten by the racing Helperoid Override.




  • Bumblebee is based off the Transformers character of the same name.
  • Although Bumblebee is half bee, he is not a really good flyer, hence why he enjoys duties on the ground rather than in the air.

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