Blues the Fox
Blues the Fox
Blues is a lone wolf Reploid created by Dr. Eggman.





Love Interests



Solitude, doing things his way, fighting anyone he sees a threat, soft music, living life his way, etc.


Being a tool, slavery, immaturity, cowardice, social relationships, etc.

Voice Actor

Jonathan Love

Blues the Fox is a Mobian-Android made by Dr. Eggman to kill Sonic, but was built with his several design flaws and oversights that would make him hard to control or keep from dying or shutting down prematurely. He often randomly appears to help or test the Maverick Hunters, most notably X, Zero, and his younger brother Axl.


Blues was created as an android that would destroy Dr. Eggman's nemesis Sonic, using the same type of mold that his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, used for X. However, Eggman was rushing development and creation of Blues and didn't properly check the schematics. As such, Blues showed independant and anti-social behaviors, as well as many internal problems. The most notable was a faulty stabilizer and energy core that would cause him to die or shut down if it was not fixed. Believing that it would change who he was completely if he was fixed, Blues ran off and went missing. Eggman presumed him dead and began to try learning from his mistake by making a couple more androids that would not present his problems, including Axl and Bass.

Blues eventually resurfaced during the Maverick Wars to assist the Maverick Hunters on his own terms. He mostly serves as one to test them to see if they were ready for the constant battles ahead of them, first appearing in Sigma's Palace during the first rebellion attack on Mobius. He came face-to-face with Axl during the Copy-X incident, though Axl did not have any memories of who created him or why. Blues easily defeated his brother and then left, unimpressed. He would later appear to battle Copy-X to cover Zero and Axl's escape, but the outcome of the battle is unknown.

Blues later fought Axl outside the Maverick Hunters base in order to test his abilities. This time, Axl came out on top and went into a state of shock when learning that Blues was his brother. He appeared several months later, at the Far East HQ, to test I's abilities. He would lose, sustaining heavy damage and resulting in his unstable core going off. Cinnamon offered to help him, but he brushed her off, though Geneva still fixed his internal injuries anyway while he was unconscious. Blues reluctantly thanked her and left without another word.


Blues is a more independant and lone wolf-type character that doesn't really spend too much time with others to make good enough friends. He prefers to live alone as he believes taht only he can control his own fate and destiny. Thus, he constantly denied offers to fix the glitches and problems with his systems. However, he still wishes to have friends and is quite friendly towards the Maverick Hunters and even Vile, to some extent.

Abilities & Powers

Blues has many powers given to him by Eggman. Like X and Bass, he has a Variable Weapons System, which he can copy the powers of other enemies he has defeated and use them against others. Blues is equipped with a Proto Buster, which fires powerful shots that X would need to charge to do, and a Proto-Blade, a weapon just as powerful as the Chaosblade. However, Blues is also much more suseptible to heavy damagein battle because of his condition, so he often equipts himself with a Proto-Shield to protect himself and reflect enemy attacks.




Original Counterpart



  • Blues' arrival is normally signalled by a typical and infamous whistle tune, sometimes played on other music instruments.

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