• Neutral Special: Spin Jump
  • Side Special: Turbo Nozzle
  • Up Special 1: Hover Nozzle
  • Up Special 2: Rocket Nozzle

Donkey Kong

  • Neutral Special: Coconut Gun
  • Up Air: Musical Hand Clap (Like Wario)


  • Neutral Special: Skyward Slash
  • Up Special: Sailcloth


  • Neutral Special: Ice Beam


  • Neutral Special: Aimed Egg Throw


  • Down Special: Metal Kirby


  • Side Special: Soaring Empress Peach


  • Neutral Special: ElectroBall
  • Side Special: Tackle/Volt Tackle
  • Up Special
  • Down Special: Iron Tail (Like Bouncing Fish)
  • Final Smash
  • Neutral Attack: Headbutt Combo
  • Dash Attack: Cartwheel
  • Strong Side: Sonic’s
  • Strong Up: Ear Wave
  • Strong Down
  • Side Smash: Electrical Iron Tail
  • Up Smash: Iron Tail Flip
  • Down Smash: Iron Tail Spin Sweep
  • Back Attack: Back Spin
  • Stomach Attack
  • Strong Push Up
  • Trip Attack
  • Quick to Feet: Spin Wheel
  • Ledge Attack
  • Headbutt
  • Grab
  • Normal
  • Pummel: Bite
  • Forward Throw: Frisbee Toss
  • Back Throw: Home Run Iron Tail
  • Up Throw
  • Headbutt
  • Down Throw
  • Fist Flurry
  • Neutral Air
  • Melee
  • Forward Air
  • Back Air
  • Back King
  • Up Air
  • Down Air: Pichu covers his head in voltage and does a diving down air (Sheik, Bowser, Sonic). Electricity streams from his cheeks as he does so.
  • Idle 1:Scratches Ear
  • Idle 2
  • Taunt 1: Pichu waves and yells his name while jumping up and down
  • Taunt 2:Pichu takes a nap
  • Taunt 3: Pichu lies down while yelling his name
  • -Tapping B (A for specials) during any of Pichu’s moves causes him to release violent amounts of electricity that hurts him but do more damage/knockback.
  • -Alts: Pichu, Goggles, Cape, Shiny

Young Link

  • Standard Attack: Multi-Jab from Melee
  • Up Smash: Vertical Version of Spin Attack

Meta Knight

  • Neutral Special: Blade Beam


  • Up Air: Mega Headbutt (Smash 4 Up Smash)
  • Up Smash: Corkscrew (Brawl Up Smash)
  • Side Special: Shoulder Dash
  • Up Special: Allergic Float


  • Side Special: Light Speed Dash
  • Side Special 2: Somersault/Fire Dash (Mid Air)
  • Down Special: Bounce Attack
  • Dash Attack: Spin Attack that can change into Slide Kick (after a slow-ish cartwheel) like in the GBA titles

Toon Link

  • Up Special: Glide Leaf

Rosalina and Luma

  • Neutral Special: Luma Grab
  • Up Special: Stab Bubble
  • Up Special: Luma Spin


  • Neutral Special: Rightful King (Raises Strength but weakens her shield)
  • Side Special: Galeforce (A Weak Stunning Slash That Allows Lucina to Follow up with the Galeforce Slash or any other move
  • Up Special: Twirling Uppercut
  • Down Special: Counter
  • Final Smash
  • Neutral Attack
  • Dash Attack:Fencing Strike
  • Strong Side
  • Strong Up
  • Strong Down: Spatula Flip
  • Side Smash
  • Up Smash
  • Down Smash: Spin Attack
  • Back Attack:
  • Stomach Attack
  • Trip Attack
  • Ledge Attack
  • Grab
  • Pummel
  • Forward Throw
  • Back Throw
  • Up Throw
  • Down Throw: Link’s Down Throw Style Stab
  • Neutral Air
  • Forward Air
  • Back Air
  • Up Air: Foreheard Falchion Twirl
  • Down Air: FEA BoxArt Diagonal Dive Down Air
  • Idle 1: Adjusts Tiara
  • Idle 2: Brushes Falchion Off
  • Taunt 1: Come At Me!
  • Taunt 2: I Can Not Lose!
  • Taunt 3:
  • All of Lucina's sword swings are two handed instead of one
  • Alt: Lucina, Great Lord, White Dress, “Marth”

Dark Pit

  • Neutral Special: Bullet Shower/Charge Bullet
  • Side Special: Electroshock Arm
  • Up Special: Pandora’s Flight (Damaging, Faster, Hard to Control)
  • Down Special: ??? Orbitars (shoot like in Uprising)
  • Final Smash: Sniper Mountain
  • Neutral Attack: Punch, Punch, Angel Ring, Kick
  • Dash Attack: Pandora’s Tackle (wings glow and Dark Pit dashes and rolls)
  • Strong Side: Roundhouse Kick
  • Strong Up
  • Strong Down
  • Side Smash: Electrocut Arm
  • Up Smash:
  • Down Smash:
  • Back Attack:
  • Stomach Attack
  • Trip Attack
  • Ledge Attack
  • Grab:
  • Normal:
  • Pummel:
  • Punches:
  • Forward Throw:
  • Back Throw:
  • Up Throw
  • Down Throw
  • Neutral Air: Angel Spin (Spins like Kirby once slowly)
  • Forward Air: Angel Ring
  • Back Air: Gat Smack (Quick Swipe w/ Dark Pit Staff)
  • Up Air:
  • Down Air:
  • Idle 1:
  • Idle 2:
  • Taunt 1: Game On!
  • Taunt 2: Who wants some?
  • Taunt 3:  Watch out!

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